Books You Need to Read

Here is a list of books that you just have to read.
(This list is by no means exhaustive. I will continually update it.)

1. Millicent Borges Accardi:

          Injuring Eternity
          Woman on a Shaky Bridge
          Only More So

2. Nancy Viera Couto:

          The Face in the Water

3. Kathleen Rooney:

          Robinson Alone
          Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object
          For You, For You I Am Trilling These Songs
          Reading with Oprah: The Book Club that Changed America
          Oneiromance (an epithalamion)
          That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness

4. Susan Yount:

          House on Fire
          Catasrophe Theory

5. Susan Slaviero:

          A Wicked Apple
          Selections from The Murder Book

6. Susannah Cahalan:

          Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

7. Darrell Kastin:

          The Undiscovered Island
          The Conjurer and Other Azorean Tales

8. Brandi Homan:

          Hard Reds
          Bobcat Country
          In Flaming Hillbilly Color

9. Kristina Marie Darling:

          Melancholia (An Essay)
          Night Songs
          The Moon and Other Inventions
          The Body Is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters and Fragments

10. Joseph Langland:

          Selected Poems

11. Sara Tracey:

          Some Kind of Shelter

12. Robert Hughes:

          Running with Walker: A Memoir

13. Tom Montgomery Fate:

          Cabin Fever: A Suburban Father's Search for the Wild

14. Liz Whiteacre

          Hit the Ground

15. Brian Sousa

          Almost Gone

16. Simone Muench

          Orange Crush
          Wolf Centos

17. Daniela Olszewska

          cloudfang : : cakedirt
          citizen j

18. Brenda Mann Hammack


19. Kelly Boyker


20. Lissa Kiernan

         Two Faint Lines in the Violet

21. Erin Elizabeth Smith

          The Naming of Strays

22. Steve Davenport


23. Arlene Ang

         Banned for Life

24. Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross

         In the Circus of You

25. Martin Seay

         The Mirror Thief

26. Margaret Bashaar

         Stationed at the Gateway

27. Rachel Slotnick

         In Lieu of Flowers

28. Steven Teref

          Foreign Object

29. PaulA Neves

          capricornucopia (the dream of goats)

30. Amy Sayre Baptista


31. Michael Colson

          Was W.B. Yeats an Irrealist?

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