Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Traveling Mollys Featured Reader

The Traveling Mollys
Literary Open Mic and Reading Series

Carlo Matos & Ralph Hamilton

Monday, February 13
6:30 open mic sign-up

$5 if you can, $3 if you can't

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"The Book of Tongues" a finalist for Rose Metal Press's Chapbook Contest

My new chapbook, co-written with Amy Sayre Baptista, is a finalist!

Congrats to all:

  • The Passion of Woo & Isolde & Other Stories by Jennifer Tseng of Brookline, Massachusetts
Contest judge Amelia Gray selected The Passion of Woo & Isolde out of a field of 162 strong submissions, and the chapbook will be published in August 2017.

You can sign up to receive the chapbook automatically when it launches by becoming a Rose Metal Press Subscriber or Supporter here.

This year's contest finalists include:

Runner-up: Winter in Prague by Vincent Poturica of Long Beach, California
  • Mistransformation by Tori Bond of Perkasie, Pennsylvania
  • Dizzy by Sarah Greenslit of Madison, Wisconsin
  • The Book of Tongues/O livro das linguas by Amy Sayre Baptista and Carlo Matos of Chicago, Illinois
  • The Civil War War by Marc Sheehan of Grand Haven, Michigan
The semi-finalists include:
  • Mapping the Territory by Jane Hammons of Austin, Texas
  • Flavored Water by Dan Nielsen of Racine, Wisconsin
  • The Adventures of a Kelly Girl by Charles Rammelkamp of Baltimore, Maryland
  • Taking a Bath in the World Today by Anji Reyner of Missoula, Montana
  • Failed Fantasies: A Practical Guide by Tatiana Ryckman of Austin, Texas
  • The Legend of Steve Prefontaine by Todd Seabrook of Hamilton, Florida