Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's finally here! Purchase my new book

This hard-hitting collection of creative essays explores the beauty and pain embedded in some of our favorite rough-and-tumble pastimes--roller derby, mixed martial arts, and teaching. Carlo Matos ties it all together with gusto, in a book that will send you reeling to the canvas again and again, and make you return every time for more.

Purchase at Tortoise Books, Amazon

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Return to the Holler Salon Reading Series

Holler Salon Reading Series
Saturday, July 22 at 6 PM—10 PM
Sundress Academy for the Arts
195 Tobby Hollow Ln, Knoxville, Tennessee 37931


Friday, May 12, 2017

Reading Tonight!

The Singleman Affair's Orpheatric Variety Show
May 12
9 PM--12 AM
Cafe Mustache
2313 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


Alma (Tselanie Townsend and Colin Palombi)
Carlo Matos
Elizabeth Cambridge
Double Morris (Aaron Zarzutzki, Brian Sulpizio, Bill Satek, Matt Schneider)
Sara Zalek
Adam Burke
The Singleman Affair & the Jessie Garon 2-step

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pics from Myopic Books Reading on March 18, 2017

Special thanks to the other readers:
Steven Tereff, Tom Hibbard and Larry O. Dean

New Review of Experiments

Check out Rachel Slotnick's review at Newfound

"At its core, this collection mourns our disconnection from each other and pinpoints that to overemphasize human intelligence is to create an obstacle that stands resolutely between ourselves and our love for one another. These women are so busy cleaning their instruments and recording fractions that they forget to steel their own hearts beating behind the very epidermal casing they are trying so hard to comprehend: 'She might even say it was love, / but that required a whole new set of tests, / a recalibration of her instruments, / and a major paradigm shift.'"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Traveling Mollys Featured Reader

The Traveling Mollys
Literary Open Mic and Reading Series

Carlo Matos & Ralph Hamilton

Monday, February 13
6:30 open mic sign-up

$5 if you can, $3 if you can't

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"The Book of Tongues" a finalist for Rose Metal Press's Chapbook Contest

My new chapbook, co-written with Amy Sayre Baptista, is a finalist!

Congrats to all:

  • The Passion of Woo & Isolde & Other Stories by Jennifer Tseng of Brookline, Massachusetts
Contest judge Amelia Gray selected The Passion of Woo & Isolde out of a field of 162 strong submissions, and the chapbook will be published in August 2017.

You can sign up to receive the chapbook automatically when it launches by becoming a Rose Metal Press Subscriber or Supporter here.

This year's contest finalists include:

Runner-up: Winter in Prague by Vincent Poturica of Long Beach, California
  • Mistransformation by Tori Bond of Perkasie, Pennsylvania
  • Dizzy by Sarah Greenslit of Madison, Wisconsin
  • The Book of Tongues/O livro das linguas by Amy Sayre Baptista and Carlo Matos of Chicago, Illinois
  • The Civil War War by Marc Sheehan of Grand Haven, Michigan
The semi-finalists include:
  • Mapping the Territory by Jane Hammons of Austin, Texas
  • Flavored Water by Dan Nielsen of Racine, Wisconsin
  • The Adventures of a Kelly Girl by Charles Rammelkamp of Baltimore, Maryland
  • Taking a Bath in the World Today by Anji Reyner of Missoula, Montana
  • Failed Fantasies: A Practical Guide by Tatiana Ryckman of Austin, Texas
  • The Legend of Steve Prefontaine by Todd Seabrook of Hamilton, Florida

Monday, January 30, 2017

New Poem Published

Check out my poem, "Decent" at One


"nothing could tarnish

your perfect porcelain decency.
Decent, a world several fractures
short a recompense."

*image by Yvonne Lee Schultz

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I review In Lieu of Flowers by Rachel Slotnick

Check it out at Cleaver Magazine

"Her paintings have a surreal quality, the edges often blurred as one image becomes another: a beard becomes a fish, a shirt melts into the coral of the sea floor, and flowers, always flowers sprouting where they desire. “I tried to paint my grandfather,” says the speaker, “and the figure devolved into flowers.” Often the paintings also include multiple perspectives of the same central figure, reminding me conceptually more of cubism than surrealism, Picasso’s figures (of Fran├žoise Gilot, for example) often turning into flowers as well."