Thursday, April 9, 2015

Take my Poetry Workshop This August!

Writing the Moment
Have you ever thought, “This is one of the most important moments in my life” and lamented that you could find no way to leave a record of it or to share the feeling with those you were experiencing the moment with? Have you ever wished you could write an engaging poem to celebrate an important life event or occasion: the end of summer, a sudden break-up, a graduation, a death?

In this workshop, we’ll be writing poems for specific occasions, poems that are meant to serve the needs of the moment however we choose to define it. Participants in this workshop will experiment with different types of occasional poem like odes, epithalamia, dirges, paeans, epistles and ekphrastic poems.

We will also explore the ways in which an occasional poem can be shaped by media and the immediate access to an audience it can provide over email, twitter, text, or on Facebook.

We will be reading poems by Pindar, John Keats, Ed Madden, Lynne Bryer, Lucille Clifton, Brenda Shaughnessy and Robert Graves, among others.

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Class size: 10
Dates: August 3-30, 2015
Regular Price: $175
Early bird price: $150

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