Friday, January 16, 2015

My Review of Post Subject: A Fable in Tupelo Quarterly's Inaugural Reviews Page

"Post Subject is a sweeping opera of a book, which might be an odd way of characterizing a book that wants to be, as we said earlier, a catalogue, but it is true nonetheless. Its scale is its strength but also its challenge. To help ground us in the text, de la Paz gives us the Artist and her son—two important characters that provide a counter-example to the Empire and its cronies—but, to be honest, I found the most meaning hidden away in the one poem about the stevedore: “Though she is lovely, she has the worth of poetry . . . She will flash a knife at you, pulled from her boot, as you try touch her red hair.” Poetry’s ability to affect change might be small, but it is always sharp and always dangerous." Click Here For More

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