Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My New Book Is Now Available

It's finally here.

My flash-novella, THE SECRET CORRESPONDENCE OF LOON & FIASCO is now available from Mayapple Press.


Order here at Mayapple Press

Order here at Amazon 

"Carlo Matos takes a mystical sense of Azorean displacement and spins a delightful cat’s-cradle spanning from Fall River to California and featuring the burrito-seeking Johnny and Linda, a teacher in the dying Central Valley. “Fiasco” speaks in binary code to a Loon trying to map out the natural world, only to discover that “When you have no sense of direction…walls are essential to survival.” Lizzie Borden is a patron saint, turkey vultures circle, and Groundhog Day is an anthem as Matos’s poetry offers a fresh view of the Portuguese-American experience." — Katherine Vaz, author of Saudade

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