Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Review of Gavea-Brown Anthology

Here's a wonderful new review of the Gavea-Brown Book of Portuguese-American Poetry by Kathi Stafford at the Portuguese American Journal.


"Carlo Matos is an Azorean-American who is both a playwright and a poet. His lovely poem, "Rooster," talks about a set for a puppet show. Here we find 'Mother’s clothesline, cold hands, theater lights/and over-garish sun/that came up an hour late today. /The mail was late, the neighbors were late as well' . . .The mother’s planning, the symbolism of the rooster in Portuguese heritage, and the detailed perspective all contribute to the surreal joy and gentle humor in the poem"

"Another poet who has been a successful writer as well as a superlative workshop leader is Millicent Borges Accardi . . . She reflects on her family’s move from the East to California, a move that has been undertaken by many others in the Portuguese community: 'We moved away from the humidity,/And the church and scrimshaw/And the New Bedford Streets filled/With dust./To build a better life for you,/In the land of Disneyland not cranberries/Or lobster or whaling.'"

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