Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Interview

Check out my new interview over at BlazeVOX.


If you had to convince a friend or colleague to read this book, what might you tell them?

I would tell them that the main female character is an MMA fighter who chokes out her estranged husband as a way of seducing him. I would mention that the book is loaded with Yeti, Grunge rockers, Ghostbusters, Azorean magic and the terrible sadness of a lost baby.

MA Poetry Festival in Salem

Come Hear Millicent Accardi, Brian Sousa, Nancy Vieira Couto and me read at the Peabody Essex Museum, Japanese Art Gallery

CARLO MATOS, born and raised in Fall River, is the author of Counting Sheep till Doomsday. (BlazeVOX, 2011), A School For Fishermen (BrickHouse Books, 2010), and Big Bad Asterisk (BlazeVox 2013).

Kale Soup for the Soul II
May 4 12:15-1:15pm
Kale Soup for the Soul II will feature four nationally-known Portuguese-American poets with strong ties to MA, reading poems about place, family, food, and Portuguese culture.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Luso-American/Canadian Anthology

Exciting News: 

I am co-editing a new book with Luis Gonçalves of Princeton University called, Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora in the United States and Canada: An Anthology. Check out our full guidelines.

“Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora in the United States and Canada: An Anthology” will be published later this year. For the purpose of the book, we identify writers of Portuguese descent as those writers from Portugal living in the United States and Canada (regardless of the length of time spent in country) and descendants of Portuguese immigrants. The editors are seeking new and exciting literary work by authors of Portuguese descent in the United States and Canada that explore the Portuguese migrant experience in all its various manifestations. This book is designed to acquaint English-speaking readers with representative literary works of Portuguese-Americans and Portuguese-Canadians writing in English or Portuguese (the latter works will be accompanied by English translations). Readers will be introduced to aspects of Portuguese-American and Portuguese-Canadian literatures and cultures in order to heighten their critical awareness and sensitivity to cultural nuances of the Portuguese Diaspora in the United States and Canada, which are too often ignored.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Troll Poem

Check out my tiny poem at Saudade Review!  It's about trolls.  Everybody loves trolls.